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The following posts are being sourced from my old wordpress site.

How to fix Netlify “page not found, broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist” error2019-12-06T18:01:52

I made a simple React app with React router that worked while clicking the links in the nav, but not if you enter those URLs in the location bar. TLDR – make a file in the public directory called “_redirects” with this line in it /* /index.html 200 What’s going on here? Single page apps … Continue reading “How to fix Netlify “page not found, broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist” error”

Intro to Gatsby2019-07-17T16:09:37

On June 20, 2019, I gave a presentation at our local freeCodeCamp meetup group about the static site generator, or progressive web app generator as they like to call it, Gatsby.


I’ve been making more videos and this time I’ve been working on the freeCodeCamp selection of algorithm challenges. I’ve been doing one every day and adding them to the playlist below. I’m twelve days in and the plan is to do one every day until I’ve got them all!

Event Delegation in JavaScript2019-01-02T17:46:11

You don’t always have to write event listeners for everything. Event delegation lets you add one listener to the parent element and then use the information from the created event object to tell which child element was the target of the event. Here’s how it’s done.

React Basics2018-12-03T13:21:28

In this video, I go over some of the basic concepts and features of the React JavaScript framework.  I cover state and props, components, mapping over an array from state to produce multiple components, and how these ideas are useful.  I use which introduces viewers to this online coding environment.

Node/Express REST API videos added2018-12-03T13:19:17

Previously, I had done some live coding on my youtube channel where I was working through a basic Express setup.  I went back a re-recorded a more concise version.  It also has better video quality as the live-streaming has its limitations.  Here is my Node / Express REST API how to video.

How to write your own Javascript forEach method – Part 12017-10-30T02:44:55

Learning to write your own forEach method in Javascript A while back, I went to New York City to a free coding class at the Hack Reactor Bootcamp.  Occasionally, they offer free one night classes on various topics.  This one was the higher-order-functions workshop and after some lecture and the expected (and appropriate) marketing of … Continue reading “How to write your own Javascript forEach method – Part 1”

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